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Pioneering Fan Engagement in F1

At a time when Formula 1 is looking to define a new digital strategy, Orange Bus have collaborated with Force India, one of the most exciting teams to have emerged in F1 in recent years

Sahara Force India: Mobile View
Sahara Force India: Mobile View

Motor Racing is clearly an industry which is digitally rich in terms of raw data, with F1 cars exposing around 35MB of telemetry data per lap.

The way F1 teams use performance data to enhance track times represents some of the most dynamic data analysis going; minor tweaks and changes to things like aerodynamics, steering systems, and tyre pressure are all synced and collectively optimised by data scientists working in the background.  The wider commercial world - for obvious reasons - gets nowhere near this real-time mastery of performance data.

But the fact that F1 teams are so adept with data is ironic. With less than 1% of revenue stemming from digital, F1 is about to embark on one of the biggest cultural gear changes in the sport’s history. The first teams and commercial sponsors to define their digital strategies could stake huge claims on fresh revenue streams.

The biggest teams and sponsors can leverage their resources to move quickly, but digital engagement can be a huge leveller in a sport where it can be difficult to break the monopoly of the big teams.

With new leadership to guide F1 into a new era, and a refreshing approach to fan engagement from teams like Force India, 2017 will be a digital awakening for the sport. 

Julian Leighton, Orange Bus CEO, said of the Force India partnership: “We’re delighted to announce this partnership. Sahara Force India share many of Orange Bus’ core values: they’ve achieved major success with a fraction of the budget of the supposed big players around them; they have demonstrated that if you’re smart, anything is possible - something we’ve always believed in and aspired to at Orange Bus.”