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Futures: Introducing Orange Bus' Latest Department

Futures is Orange Bus’ newest department, reflecting our growing position as one of the UK’s most progressive centres of technological innovation.

Futures: Applying Breakthrough Technologies
Futures: Applying Breakthrough Technologies

Futures is a blue sky R&D team, within Orange Bus. We are challenged to think inside, outside and in parallel dimensions of the box.

What will you become? Who will you be?

We are diving into new technologies, with a focus on VR, AR, Bot interaction and Machine Learning, conducting big experiments with practical outcomes. Interest in this emergent tech is huge at both consumer and enterprise level.

Much of the commercial world still clings on to more traditional advertising at the expense of deeper innovation, but this will change fundamentally in 2017.  Targeted advertising driven by our constant online presence, combined with ad-blocking and artificial intelligence will blur the direction of traditional communications and present a new framework for customer engagement.

The prospects for government and enterprise efficiencies and automation of tasks are equally as profound as the commercial outreach opportunities.

OB Futures constitutes a team of experienced architects and cutting-edge technicians which will help organisations take advantage of these early-stage technologies, designs and processes, guiding them towards lucrative new revenue streams.

As Creative Strategic Director, Austen Atkinson, explains: “We’ll be working with huge platforms, and consulting with businesses around the world to bring intellectual property to life using VR, AI, MR (mixed reality) and other exciting technologies. It’s a great opportunity to lead the agency into a new dynamic era, with the launch of Orange Bus Futures set to diversify our offering and fuel future expansion.”

What if your message was fun, experiential and engaging?

Currently working on a slate of educational VR projects, Orange Bus is exploring initiatives with the Wales Millennium Centre and Horrible Histories creator Terry Deary, along with very practical solutions geared towards school attendance and immersive learning - growing out of Austen’s work as project lead on Google Expeditions, in 2016.

We’ll also reveal how projects based around the likes of Amazon Alexa might offer possibilities and commercial engagements in the insurance sector, of a kind never seen before.

Julian Leighton, CEO of Orange Bus: “Our aim is to grow our reach internationally and the best way of doing that is to recruit highly talented people with the business acumen to spot new opportunities for us and our valued clients.”

What if WE could transport you to a place where communication, learning and adventure were the same thing?

As an agency which has worked in a range of industries including government, sport, retail, education, finance and banking, we’re familiar with evolving digital strategies and the endless industry white papers outlining the need for change.

So rather than talking vaguely about how an industry needs to embrace digital, Futures will spell out the possibilities and showcase exactly what a digital future can look like, harnessing VR and Machine Learning into a range of product suites and service offerings.