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The Power of Proto-Personas

Orange Bus UX Director, Joanne Rigby is a sought after speaker on the subject of proto-personas. With over 7 years experience in building these exercises into our projects, we’ve come to realise just how powerful they can be both in terms of understanding the client’s customers, and aligning the visions of all stakeholders involved in the project.

Research-backed customer personas are a foundation stone of the UX toolkit, constantly evolving and informing alongside user research, but profiling customers pre-research is equally important and effective proto-personas can be a huge asset to a UX professional.

Good proto-personas not only help to capture assumptions about the customer, they also pull client-side product owners into the debate, extracting knowledge and aligning the vision of executives and designers at project kick-off.

They bring a user-centric focus to early brainstorming sessions and put the customer point of view back on the executive agenda, and for this reason they can be the perfect springboard for a fully collaborative UX project.

Obviously newly-formed proto-personas have limitations - they should be taken away and subjected to research to test their validity - but as a collaborative workshop activity, a project ice-breaker and as part of the requirements gathering process, they can be invaluable.

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Joanne speaks today at UX Scotland, running her tutorial How to make proto-personas collaboratively.

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