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Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs is undergoing a major channel shift evolution and came to Orange Bus for help in implementing its digital first approach.

Digital by default

HMRC are changing the way they engage more than 50 million customers; aiming to end digital exclusion and supporting the transformation of government.

A success story of the government’s SME agenda, HMRC continue to work with Orange Bus - contracting two agile delivery teams at their Digital Delivery Centre. Our teams are helping to redesign HMRC’s services - reducing cost and complexity - and delivering better, more responsive services to customers.



With a significant audience (everyone of a working age across the UK), HMRC are heavily observed by central government. Our UX experts, developers, and QA testers work under strict and continuous evaluation, collaborating on and off-site with partners Accenture.

Using an Agile approach - self-organising, cross-functional teams meet project deadlines; with iterative planning, evolutionary development, and early delivery meaning teams can rapidly respond to change. Projects in progress include Tax Credits Submissions and Child Benefits, alongside adhoc support tasks. Previous work on Tax Credits - Change of Circumstances and Tax Free Child Care.  


While at HMRC, Orange Bus development team lead Scott Feltham has initiated ‘Code Kata’ - an exercise that helps programmers hone their skills with disciplined repetition - hence the martial arts inspired title. Scott’s bi-weekly code class over lunch allows teams to meet and problem solve.

“Orange Bus developers have been working on transformative government projects for HMRC. The team are actively running code classes and developer forums to promote cross-team collaboration and agile working”

Mark Lynn, Operations Manager, HMRC