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Innovating an established racing brand by delivering the first virtual on-track experience.

To amplify Aston Martin Racing’s (AMR) continued brand awareness campaign, Orange Bus set out to develop a responsive mobile app that enabled fans to track races live and hold industry insights in the palm of their hand.

The launch date on IOS and Android was earmarked for 12 weeks time - aiming for launch at the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2014 and ultimate exposure at FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC). An agile project methodology was applied to deliver this unique digital experience in such a short-time frame.


Undertaking extensive User Experience (UX) research and testing, we broadly explored what made AMR fans tick and how they behaved across platforms and interfaces.

Our developers then created high-accuracy, digital models of each racing circuit in the WEC season in order to interface AMR’s on-track system with our mobile app. We wanted to deliver real-time services - such as car speed, track location and race position -  via live streaming of telemetry data to a mobile device. 

Our streaming solution was based on a software architecture originally developed for car racing video games. We use Clojure — a fast, highly-scalable programming language — to facilitate the rapid transfer of data from the racetrack to the app.

Live testing of the telemetry data consistently proved to be a challenge - and just hours before the app was due to go live, a collision occurred during a practice session, putting an AMR car we were tracking out of action - upsetting the telemetry feed for all other cars. 

With some 11th hour tweaks and tests, the app launched the most famous motorsport endurance race in the world. For the first time, Orange Bus had made data on car performance globally accessible to motorsports fans.


Downloaded across continents, the access-all-areas app allows fans to track the four Aston Martin V8 Vantage GTEs, as well as view driver profiles, team news and race calendars, with content updates managed by the Aston Martin Racing team.

Jeremy Scoones, Head of Commercial Partnerships at Aston Martin Racing said:

“We’ve successfully used social media to connect with our fans, but these apps go one step further. They enable fans to get closer to our team, drivers and cars than ever before, viewing the information that they want, when they want it.”