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Buttercups Training

Buttercups Training

Drupal Powered E-learning with Buttercups

The Task

Buttercups chose Orange Bus to help envisage and create an e-learning platform based on Drupal.  The tool would allow pharmacy support staff to study for new qualifications, broadly emulating the usability and adaptability of the groundbreaking educational platform pioneered by the Pennsylvania State University.

The Action

Understanding the varying and complex needs and behaviours of the audiences was crucial to creating an engaging product that would motivate and inspire learners and enrich their user experience.

We needed a platform that had an in-built flexibility to build customised courses, and easily adapt to new innovations in learning technology - therefore continuing to meet the growing expectations of students. Orange Bus delivered on both counts and now we have an interactive training package that engages students and truly enriches their learning experience.

Rick Humphries , Head of digital strategy Buttercups


The final product combines content management and learner reporting tools to allow the easy creation of engaging social and interactive content for learners to access from any device. Following an extremely successful collaboration, Orange Bus, Buttercups Training and Pennsylvania State University feel positively about having given back to the open-source Drupal community.

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