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Department of Energy and Climate Change

Department of Energy and Climate Change

Making Educational Resources Accessible


The Global Calculator is an open source tool designed by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), modelling the world’s energy, food and land dependencies. It allows users to understand the links between lifestyle and global warming. The DECC required a complementary site which would allow users to watch videos, download PDFs, and generally find out how they could best use the calculator.


After mapping the site’s information architecture and advising on UX, we embarked on visual design and development based around the Drupal platform. The site needed to be both professional and user centric, acting as the primary gateway for businesses and NGO’s to get involved with the DECC.

Orange Bus did an excellent job on the website for the Global Calculator. They listened carefully to what we needed, used our design ideas and created something that matched our specifications perfectly

Laura Aylett , Policy Analyst


The Department of Energy and Climate Change were delighted with the site, which is now live and being promoted to policy analysts around the world.

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