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History in the making…

Two friends with a passion for surfing, one orange VW Camper - not your average start to life in business, but one that just clicked.

The original Orange Bus logo

From the beginning.

The vision of co-founders Mike Parker and Julian Leighton was to create one of the biggest and best digital agencies in the UK. We’re the first to admit it hasn’t been easy, but through sheer hard work and persistence, we’ve built a reputation for excellence.

Progressive approach.

Even in the early days we were seen as a frontrunner in creative digital services and user experience design.

It was this progressive approach that grabbed the attention of leading brands like O’Neill, Sage, Phillips, Aston Martin Racing and Barbour – great names that became great clients.

Reaching the masses.

By 2014, our work within the public sector had also increased significantly. We are now seen as a major player in the UK Government’s digital channel shift, and our consumer engagement work with HMRC and the DWP regularly reached over 50 million customers.

A landmark year.

Capita logo Orange Bus logo

2016 proved to be a true landmark year for us, when we were acquired by Capita.

Today we’re still based in our hometown of Newcastle, but we’ve expanded into London, Sheffield and Edinburgh. With a team of over 120, we’re making huge inroads in the UK, and will continue to build and expand.

A decade in the making.

Over the past ten years we’ve cemented our reputation as industry pioneers, and that’s something we’re determined to live up to. We’re currently heavily invested in ‘Immersive Reality’ technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Conversational Interfaces, and by mastering these we’ll continue to keep our clients ahead of the competition for years to come.

Not bad for two surfers with a dream.