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Join a fantastic team working on amazing opportunities…

But don't just take our word for it… See what some of our team have to say.

Lee Hammond

Senior QA Engineer
Lee Hammond, Senior QA Engineer

There is never a dull moment at Orange Bus, there is always something exciting going on. It makes for a really vibrant and fast paced atmosphere.

With an emphasis on new and emerging technologies, there is always an opportunity to learn and explore coupled with an incredibly talented team and it makes Orange Bus an excellent place to be.

Chris Law

Senior Project Manager
Chris Law, Senior Project Manager

I have been at Orange Bus for under 2 months now and have already fallen in love with the company, its culture and my new colleagues.

Having come from a very rigid corporate background, I found Orange Bus’ unique culture and working environment both refreshing and liberating.

Additionally, with the rapid growth Orange Bus is experiencing, it gives employees a rare opportunity to really drive the shape and direction of the company.

Holly Allison

UX Designer
Holly Allison, UX Designer

I love how varied my role is; I get to practice all aspects of UX from user research and workshops to information architecture and interaction design, while also being encouraged to pursue my own specialist interests.

The projects I get to work on are so diverse, with opportunities across all sectors. Within my first 6 months on the team I’d worked on projects with the police, scientists and a Formula One team, to name a few.

UX is truly valued at OB and the team are a talented and passionate bunch.

Dan Scott

Senior Designer
Dan Scott, Senior Designer

The diverse range of projects and fast pace here at Orange Bus really keeps you on your toes.

The experience and support across each team makes the toughest challenges exciting to work through…

That and the copious amounts of tea and banter really helps to keep my creative juices flowing.

Phil Smith

Senior Developer
Phil Smith, Senior Developer

It’s the team that really strikes me as the number one reason I love working at Orange Bus. From Project Managers all the way to QA Engineers, we know that each team member is equally as important, and essential to the success of the project. Having a ‘Beers with Ideas’ session each week really helps with team bonding!

As a development team we’re often given the opportunity to push forward our knowledge from web and mobile app development into modern technologies such as Virtual Reality and Language Understanding. It’s great to be able to learn new techniques and apply them to key projects in areas like Education and Emergency Services to really benefit and make a difference to society.

Cherrelle Morales

Cherrelle Morales, Developer

There are many opportunities working at Orange Bus with plenty of room to grow on a wide variety of projects. You are provided a clear path in your learning objectives plus the chance to travel and meet clients.

Orange Bus is a very friendly company that encourages the sharing of ideas and opinions throughout our work as well as the many social events it organises for all staff. It is also proud to support charities, regularly encouraging us to participate, which is both rewarding and fun. At Orange Bus, everyone has a voice.