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Building trust through citizen-led service design

Orange Bus undertook research with 14 local authorities, and the citizens they serve, in order to produce this white paper. If you’re involved in service design in either the public or private sector, this is an insightful read that helps you understand what it truly means to put citizens first when designing services. Sign up below to download your free copy.

by Hannah Kaner  |  30 May 2019
Researching VUI: A UX 101

In November 2017, Holly and I set out on a journey, we decided to use our research skills to gather insight into the current use and perception of popular Voice User Interface (VUI) devices. At Orange Bus we use a wide range of methods in our UX research and in this case we conducted a diary study, one-to-one semi structured interviews, live observations and usability tests.

by Miriam Boyles and Holly Allison  |  14 May 2018
Setting up Sitecore Rocks

Sitecore Rocks integrates directly with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and 2017 and gives developers a fast, streamlined development experience by letting them use the tools that they are familiar with. This will increase productivity and lower the incidence of bugs.

by Aaron Yarborough  |  14 November 2017
Setup of Unicorn with Sitecore 8.2

This guide will show you how to setup Unicorn Sync with Sitecore 8.2. This will allow us to synchronize content and data within a sitecore instance to other instances easily.

by Mike Parker  |  09 November 2017
Implementing JSON-LD structured data in markup

As we discussed in our previous article on *How to enhance your SERPs with JSON-LD* this rich data snippet can be added to our markup to provide Google and other syndication providers with a more easily digestible view of our data.

by Graham Campbell  |  06 November 2017
Enhance your SERPs with JSON-LD

If you own or maintain a website that provides a revenue stream, then a large percentage of your organic traffic will be driven from Google Search.This article will show you how to get a psychological advantage over your competition before users even hit your website.

by Graham Campbell  |  03 April 2017
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