My UX Design Internship Journey With Orange Bus

30 Nov 2018 - Emma Sutcliffe

I’m Emma - an Undergraduate BA Industrial Design and Technology student from Loughborough University and I’ve just completed a fantastic 12-month placement as a Junior UX Designer at Orange Bus.

Firstly, I want to say how enjoyable and worthwhile the year has been - the only negative is that it went by far too quickly for my liking! I’ve been made to feel so welcome as a valued member of the team and definitely didn’t make any cups of tea as the intern stereotype suggests!

I’ve been involved in a range of high-profile projects for multiple clients such as Teachers’ Pensions, The Pensions Regulator, BBC, and Racing Point Force India, which exposed me to new methods and ways of working within the role of a UX Designer. These projects allowed me to experience and facilitate a wide variety of research and design techniques that will certainly benefit me in my final year at University and in the future.

Aside from project work, there were lots of opportunities to share skills and transfer knowledge whilst meeting new people within the different teams of the company - all of which I truly benefited from. It’s been great to be able to share what I’ve been learning as part of my degree and adapt this knowledge to real life work at Orange Bus.

The atmosphere is vibrant, friendly and welcoming with a diverse team of talented individuals who are passionate to succeed whilst having fun. Regular ‘Beers with Ideas’ sessions enable staff to partake in active knowledge-sharing, something that is highly encouraged at Orange Bus.

My year with this award-winning interaction design company has been filled with multiple learning opportunities.

I would highly recommend Orange Bus as a company to complete an internship with, the company is really keen to empower and support the next generation of talent in this industry.

The skills I’ve gained have been significantly influential to me finishing my degree at Loughborough - so much so that I’m excited to return to Orange Bus as permanent member of staff once I have graduated! What’s not to love?

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