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Truly smart cities need to be citizen not technology led

‘Smart Cities’ has become a major buzzword in the digital and IT industry over the past few years. Designing integrated solutions to multi-faceted problems like rising air pollution, traffic congestion, public transport ticketing and pricing would all be part of a Smart City remit and would add value to citizens and to the city.

by James Hall  |  02 October 2018
ICYMI: Our DataJam North East workshops in a nutshell

We had the pleasure of both sponsoring and attending DataJam North East last week, a two-day event hosted by DWP Digital, focussing on combining both data and design to combat challenges relating to health, child attainment and skills.

by Maddie Broxup  |  20 September 2018
Orange Bus selected as a finalist of the 2018 Engage Awards

Orange Bus are proud to announce that we have been selected as a finalist at the Engage Awards 2018 - the only customer and employee engagement industry awards in the UK.

by Michaella Fenton  |  18 September 2018
Experience From the Inside: UX for the workplace

Orange Bus' UX Director, Joanne Rigby, explains how we used UX to design our own employee experience, highlighting how this can be applied to any business wanting to do the same.

by Joanne Rigby  |  13 September 2018
DataJam North East: showcasing Orange Bus' approach to user research, innovation and delivery

We're taking part in and sponsoring DataJam North East on the 17th and 18th September. But what is DataJam and why are we involved? Read our blog post to find out.

by Maddie Broxup  |  11 September 2018
Fashion week special: humans are making a comeback

Digital transformation is big, in fact it’s everywhere. From one man bands to the big consultancies and tech firms, everyone is claiming some piece of the action. However, as with all trends, the fashionistas have already moved onto the next big thing… humanity.

by Sam Richardson  |  11 September 2018
Orange Bus drives growth with trio of appointments

This month Sam Richardson, Chandan Ray and Paul Skeates joined the Orange Bus team. Read here to meet our latest recruits.

by Michaella Fenton  |  21 August 2018
The Road to Autonomous Vehicles: an Exploration into the Future of Mobility

Earlier this year, Orange Bus received an invitation from Northumbria University’s MA/MSc Multidisciplinary Design Innovation students to collaborate on a design project focusing on the topic of Autonomous Vehicles. In this blog we explain the project and what the future of driverless cars might entail.

by Michaella Fenton  |  10 August 2018
Orange Bus & Force India Fan Engagement Event Video

On June 14th, we hosted our Fan Engagement event with Force India Formula 1 Team to showcase our work as their Official Digital Partner. Click here to see the official event video.

by Michaella Fenton  |  08 August 2018
International Design in Government Conference

In July, Orange Bus’ Senior User Experience Designer, Vicky Teinaki, attended the International Design in Government conference in London. In this blog, she outlines the key themes from the event.

by Vicky Teinaki  |  07 August 2018
Orange Bus strengthens team with four new recruits

Award-winning product and service design agency, Orange Bus, celebrates ongoing success with four new appointments. Find out more about the agency’s new recruits and how they are already hitting the ground running and contributing to the team.

by Michaella Fenton  |  01 August 2018
Accessibility in Designing Digital Solutions

Digital accessibility means digital experiences that can be used by all users - including those with impairments and disabilities. If we don’t design accessible solutions, we don't account for 20% of all users. Here we outline how to make your website accessible.

by Michaella Fenton  |  31 July 2018
The Importance of Fan Engagement in Sports Marketing

Fan engagement is important for creating emotional bonds and long lasting experiences with fans during and beyond sporting events. From a little known team to sporting giants, fans now demand a new level of intimacy from their team. In this blog we explain how to start your fan engagement journey.

by Michaella Fenton  |  30 July 2018
Orange Bus show their colours in support of Newcastle Pride

On Friday 20th July, Orange Bus showed its support for Newcastle Pride by hosting their own all day Pride Party at their Newcastle city centre office.

by Michaella Fenton  |  27 July 2018
How to use UX to instil trust in your brand

Building your online presence is essential. But, in order for users to buy into your product/service, you must first establish trust. How do you build trust online without meeting each user in person? The answer lies in appropriate user experience (UX) research and design.

by Michaella Fenton  |  13 July 2018
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