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Accessibility in Designing Digital Solutions

Digital accessibility means digital experiences that can be used by all users - including those with impairments and disabilities. If we don’t design accessible solutions, we don't account for 20% of all users. Here we outline how to make your website accessible.

by Michaella Fenton  |  31 July 2018
The Importance of Fan Engagement in Sports Marketing

Fan engagement is important for creating emotional bonds and long lasting experiences with fans during and beyond sporting events. From a little known team to sporting giants, fans now demand a new level of intimacy from their team. In this blog we explain how to start your fan engagement journey.

by Michaella Fenton  |  30 July 2018
Orange Bus show their colours in support of Newcastle Pride

On Friday 20th July, Orange Bus showed its support for Newcastle Pride by hosting their own all day Pride Party at their Newcastle city centre office.

by Michaella Fenton  |  27 July 2018
How to use UX to instil trust in your brand

Building your online presence is essential. But, in order for users to buy into your product/service, you must first establish trust. How do you build trust online without meeting each user in person? The answer lies in appropriate user experience (UX) research and design.

by Michaella Fenton  |  13 July 2018
Great Innovation of the North; what does Newcastle’s Smart Street mean for its citizens?

Newcastle upon Tyne is leading the curve in smart city innovation in the UK - but how will this affect citizens and ensure their voice is heard.

by Hannah Kaner  |  05 July 2018
UX for Adverts

Are you spending a lot of your marketing budget on designing and posting online ads but not reaping the desired benefits? In this blog we explain the importance of UX when designing adverts online and give you tips to improve moving forward.

by Emily Allinson  |  28 June 2018
TedXGlasgow 2018

Orange Bus’ Edinburgh office attended TedXGlasgow - to gather inspiration, meet new people and learn about new ideas. The event drew together great speakers from across Scotland and wider with personal and professional stories to share.

by OB Insights  |  15 June 2018
IoT Scotland 2018

We attended DIGIT's annual Internet of Things conference at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. Here we provide a breakdown of our key highlights from the event.

by OB Insights  |  08 June 2018
Orange Bus to Drive Fan Engagement with F1 Car in Covent Garden

Formula One is set to land in Covent Garden this summer with the arrival of a Force India Team car, following Orange Bus' partnership with the Team.

by OB Insights  |  31 May 2018
Key Takeaways: AWS Summit London 2018

Orange Bus’ dev team attended the AWS Summit 2018 in London. Here we outline the key elements of the service and how this can accelerate businesses of all sizes.

by OB Insights  |  30 May 2018
C3 London: The Future of AI, Chatbots and Designing Conversations for Voice

On May 8-9, Orange Bus attended and sponsored Opus Research’s Conversational Commerce Conference in London. Read on to find our key takeaways from the event.

by Dan Whaley  |  14 May 2018
The Future of Smart Cities Lies in our Public Libraries

When we talk about the ‘Smart City’, we talk about the ‘smart’ more than we talk about ‘the city’. We need to take a step back and ask, what do the citizens actually need? Here, we explain the importance of libraries to a Smart City ecosystem.

by Hannah Kaner  |  30 April 2018
Voice Assistants: Time for Enterprise Adoption

Orange Bus’ AI and Innovations Team attended the Smart Voice Summit in Paris. The event is Europe’s first official voice assistant event. Is now the time for enterprise size businesses to adopt the voice revolution? Read our blog to find out.

by Dan Whaley  |  07 February 2018
Smart Steps for a Smart City

The ‘Smart City’ is associated with digital growth, and use of technology in the infrastructure between citizens and cities. However, what makes a ‘Smart City’ is difficult to define. In this blog, we delve deeper into the topic.

by Hannah Kaner  |  11 January 2018
Sitecore Digital Destiny 2017

Orange Bus sponsored and attended the London leg of the Sitecore Destiny Tour, where the influential platform revealed a range of new features sure to impact customer experience in 2018. This article outlines the key features.

by Aaron Yarborough  |  04 December 2017
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