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Key Takeaways: AWS Summit London 2018

Orange Bus’ dev team attended the AWS Summit 2018 in London. Here we outline the key elements of the service and how this can accelerate businesses of all sizes.

by OB Insights  |  30 May 2018
C3 London: The Future of AI, Chatbots and Designing Conversations for Voice

On May 8-9, Orange Bus attended and sponsored Opus Research’s Conversational Commerce Conference in London. Read on to find our key takeaways from the event.

by Dan Whaley  |  14 May 2018
The Future of Smart Cities Lies in our Public Libraries

When we talk about the ‘Smart City’, we talk about the ‘smart’ more than we talk about ‘the city’. We need to take a step back and ask, what do the citizens actually need? Here, we explain the importance of libraries to a Smart City ecosystem.

by Hannah Kaner  |  30 April 2018
Voice Assistants: Time for Enterprise Adoption

Orange Bus’ AI and Innovations Team attended the Smart Voice Summit in Paris. The event is Europe’s first official voice assistant event. Is now the time for enterprise size businesses to adopt the voice revolution? Read our blog to find out.

by Dan Whaley  |  07 February 2018
Smart Steps for a Smart City

The ‘Smart City’ is associated with digital growth, and use of technology in the infrastructure between citizens and cities. However, what makes a ‘Smart City’ is difficult to define. In this blog, we delve deeper into the topic.

by Hannah Kaner  |  11 January 2018
Sitecore Digital Destiny 2017

Orange Bus sponsored and attended the London leg of the Sitecore Destiny Tour, where the influential platform revealed a range of new features sure to impact customer experience in 2018. This article outlines the key features.

by Aaron Yarborough  |  04 December 2017
Our View from the Smart City Expo World Congress

One of our key focuses is to redesign the digital citizen interactions of UK Government services - because of this, the Smart Cities Expo World Congress was right at the top of our events calendar. Here we outline our key takeaways.

by James Hall  |  16 November 2017
Service Design Global Conference: Madrid 2017

Orange Bus’ UX Team went to the Service Design Global Conference in Madrid. The event highlights views of leaders in the sector and aims to increase collaboration in the emerging design community.

by Vicky Midson  |  14 November 2017
UX Live - Day One In a Nutshell

Orange Bus’ Innovations Team went to one of the digital design world’s biggest events - UX Live. The conference explored the culture of UX with insights into future predictions. Here are our key notes from the event.

by Steve Molesworth  |  27 October 2017
Our Take on the Latest Government Digital Thinking

Orange Bus has been doing the rounds of the biggest digital government conferences, events and gatherings in recent weeks. A handful of key themes continue to emerge - read here to find out our overview.

by Sam Manson  |  19 October 2017
Utility Week Congress 2017 - Highlights and Reflections

Orange Bus travelled to Birmingham for Utility Week Congress 2017 - an event designed to bring clarity to the latest digital challenges in the Utilities sector. Read our blog to find our review of the event.

by Aaron Yarborough  |  12 October 2017
Building Personalised Sitecore Experiences for the End-User

Orange Bus have experience using and matching content management systems to user need. In this article we give insights into Sitecore, and look at how to get the best out of its personalisation capabilities.

by Ady Collins  |  24 August 2017
Putting a Value on Customer Experience in Retail Banking

As AI, social media and mobile-first design start to dictate customer experience, banks will need to incorporate new services or risk upsetting a volatile customer journey. This blog highlights the importance of getting this right.

by OB Insights  |  18 August 2017
Embracing Discovery: An Anthropologist's View of User Research London

Orange Bus attended the User Research London conference. Here we outline our key observations- focusing on the relationships and frictions on how User Research can learn from Anthropology.

by Miriam Boyles  |  13 July 2017
Making Augmented Reality a Part of Your Service Plan

Augmented Reality (AR) can be used to support many key business areas - giving companies a chance to create fully immersive customer experiences. Here, we highlight what to focus on and how to do it.

by Futures  |  12 July 2017
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