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Designing Services Around AI

The nature of web design is changing, with artificial intelligence opening up new possibilities for customer conversations.

by Futures  |  18 May 2017
Automated, Intelligent and Dynamic: The Future of Insurance

Insurance is an industry where the potential of transformative technologies is huge, upsetting the balance of power between brokers and direct insurers, and bringing huge opportunities for new types of customer experience.

by Futures  |  13 April 2017
Eye Tracking for Usability

As an agency with a renowned specialisation in UX, we take a fresh look at eye tracking technology at a time when it could begin to re-emerge.

by Miriam Boyles and Holly Allison  |  14 March 2017
Futures: Introducing Orange Bus' Latest Department

Orange Bus launch their new department, Orange Bus Futures, which reflects our growing position as one of the UK's most progressive centres of technological innovation.

by Futures  |  08 March 2017
Orange Bus Host 24hour Hackathon for Dog Charity

Orange Bus held a dedicated 24-hour hackathon to produce a website for Blind Dog Rescue UK (BDRUK). The charity re-houses blind and partially sighted dogs from all over Europe to rescue centres or foster homes in the UK.

by Aaron Yarborough  |  30 January 2017
Northern Digital Awards: Orange Bus Win Large Digital Agency of the Year

The Northern Digital Awards 2017, hosted by Prolific North, saw Orange Bus take another step towards becoming one of the most highly-acclaimed agencies in the UK.

by Ady Collins  |  27 January 2017
Measuring UX: Building User Experience into Strategy Metrics

User experience is now a necessity in digital production, but it isn’t always formally integrated into the metrics and KPIs which measure the impact of Product Strategy. Here we explain how it can be.

by Joanne Rigby  |  24 January 2017
Transformative Technologies in 2017

Moving into the early stages of 2017, it’s clear that the scope and possibilities for creative web development have expanded dramatically. Read our blog to find out more.

by John Shepherd  |  13 January 2017
How Service Design Can Assist the UK's Local Councils

In recent years, Service Design has experienced a rise to prominence in design circles, reflecting its ability to uncover hidden opportunities. Here, we explain how this can assist councils.

by OB Insights  |  02 December 2016
Transforming User Experience With Chatbots

Natural language processing (NLP) in Virtual Assistants and Chatbots will eventually change the way we seek information from the internet - steering us away from traditional apps. In this blog we outline how this can transform user experience.

by John Shepherd  |  11 November 2016
Dynamites 2016: Orange Bus Credited for Outstanding Achievement

Orange Bus are presented with the most prestigious award of the evening at the BT Dynamites for ‘Outstanding Achievement’ in the North East technology sector.

by OB Insights  |  26 October 2016
Customer Experience to Dictate Strategy in Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

The application of user experience in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries has moved beyond a recognition of value to something which will dictate the future of the sector.

by OB Insights  |  10 October 2016
Blockchain for Government

Governments across the world are looking at how blockchain could be harnessed in place of the traditional database, in a movement which could showcase the technology’s potential use cases for transferring data and digital assets.

by OB Insights  |  11 August 2016
A developer's take on Sitecore and Sitefinity

Our development team delve deeper into the ins and outs of Sitecore and Sitefinity - touching on how to use both systems for the perfect website delivery.

by OB Insights  |  29 October 2014
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