Why Orange Bus is sponsoring the CIM Marketing Excellence Awards

12 Sep 2019 - OB Insights

As leaders in service and experience design, we believe companies do better if they look at their products and services through the eyes of their customers. It’s a belief we enjoy proving time and time again.

It’s also the reason we believe that marketers and service designers should be BFFs.

As professionals working in a range of sectors, marketers and service designers share a desire to help our employers and / or clients do really important things, like:

  • Design and deliver truly customer-focused experiences
  • Prove the commercial value of improving customer service
  • Make business decisions based on data and human insights
  • Encourage ongoing input from customers and employees
  • Make smart, confident decisions around innovation and tech

In fact, many of our most successful service and experience design projects have been delivered in collaboration with senior marketers who realise the role of service design in helping their organisations be more customer-focused, digitally confident, and able to deliver large scale transformation projects that make brands stand out for all the right reasons.

Our solid belief that human-centric organisations perform better than their competitors and our habit of delivering better outcomes by collaborating with marketing, have now combined in our decision to be headline sponsors for the CIM Marketing Excellence Awards 201920.

Over the coming months, we’d love to speak with you to understand more about your challenges and aspirations and to share our knowledge of service and experience design. You’ll hopefully discover some tools and techniques that could be of use to you professionally and you may even discover a whole new career path (yep, we’re growing, fast!).

If you’d like to know more about what we do and how it could help you do what you do, let’s speak. Our lead consultant, Sam Richardson, will be a judge on the night, and we’ll have a team there to cheer you on; but there’s no need to wait. Feel free to connect with us on LinkedIn, sign up to receive articles and papers about service design or drop us an email so we can arrange a time to talk. Good luck to everyone entering the awards, and if we can’t be BFFs, let’s at least keep in touch.

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