Working with FSCS: Why our work around customer experience and service design is so important

08 Nov 2019 - Gary McClen

Orange Bus has been nominated for Best Use of Innovation in Customer Engagement for our work with the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) at the Engage Awards.

Here are 3 reasons why our work around customer experience and service design is so important to this vital service:

  1. The purpose of FSCS is to protect customers when financial firms fail. FSCS have helped millions of people and paid billions of pounds in compensation. Providing a first-class service is not just about getting compensation paid quickly, it also contributes to the public’s confidence in the wider Financial Services industry.
  2. As many as 80% of FSCS’s customers are categorised as ‘vulnerable’. This means that they may have lost savings, investments or pensions due to the failure of a financial institution. In such uncertain times, we identified 3 particular ‘moments that matter.’ Supporting a customer during these moments goes a long way to providing an excellent service, regardless of the outcome of their compensation claim.
  3. Transforming a service doesn’t happen overnight. By taking the time to fully understand the service as it is today, we can visualise it on a full service blueprint. With this shared knowledge of the as-is service, we can help to break down silos in the organisation. This promotes communication between teams and allows for opportunities to improve back end processes. All of these support FSCS’ excellent customer experience.

We are looking forward to getting our glad rags on at Park Plaza Westminster Bridge on Monday evening alongside our client - fingers crossed and good luck to all those shortlisted!

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