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Mike Parker - Chief Technical Officer
Written by Mike Parker
Chief Technical Officer

Looking Back on 2016

2016 has been an outstanding year in the history of Orange Bus. As well as representing a decade in operation, the year marked the most significant business landmark in our journey so far…

View from the Newcastle Office
View from the Newcastle Office

In the last ten years, Orange Bus have become one of the North’s true digital institutions - a status recognised in the ‘Outstanding Achievement’ award we received earlier this year at the Dynamites.

The company is now a major regional employer with over 120 staff, including 60 new recruits in the last year alone.

Alongside a notable growth in numbers, we’ve continued to develop the skills and culture which we’ve nurtured internally, having collectively gathered some invaluable experiences over the last few years.

Our work on essential public services has once again represented a core part of our endeavours in 2016.

In addition to our ongoing work with the likes of HMRC and the DWP, we recently embarked on a ground-breaking project with ChooseCare, which is set to revolutionise the public’s online relationship with one of the UK’s most complex service ecosystems - Adult Social Care.

The project is currently piloting but initial figures indicate huge potential for the ChooseCare platform to stake a massive influence on the future of social care. Orange Bus will be an essential partner all the way to final release and beyond - delivering a key service, from the bottom-up.

As well as the impact our work increasingly has on everyday lives, 2016 would prove to be a landmark year for another reason which will resonate well into the company’s future, after Orange Bus were acquired by FTSE100 giants, Capita, in March.

Acquisition by One of UK’s Biggest Multinationals

The acquisition was a crowning recognition of the company’s recent achievements, providing a platform for a new chapter of unprecedented growth, whilst retaining and enhancing our identity as a brand.

Our collaboration with Capita will bring a whole new dimension to our existing skills base, allowing Orange Bus to combine the experience and operational capabilities of a multi-billion-pound outsourcing company, with the value, relatability, and innovative response mechanisms of the creative industry.


2016 has seen Orange Bus decorated with some of our most prestigious awards.

Augmented Reality

On top of the “Outstanding Achievement” award at the Dynamites, we were announced in the “North’s Top 50 Fastest Growing Technology Companies”, and we gained further national recognition at “The Techies” where we were named “2016 Web Development House.”

As an indication of our growing influence, Orange Bus were amongst three select companies representing the NorthEast in the “Creative England 50” - a recognition of the most creative and dynamic companies in the UK, and the creative industry as a whole which collectively contributes £75bn to the UK economy.

Looking Ahead

Now recognised as an industry pioneer, future technologies are high on our agenda.

Orange Bus are currently investing a great deal of time and business resource into “Immersive Reality” technologies, recognising that Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality will challenge accepted definitions of “Customer Experience” in the year ahead.

2017 will be a year when our physical worlds will become submerged in digital augmentation, and it’ll be up to industry sectors like Retail, Banking, Health and Government to decide how much they want to lead or be part of this new reality.

Augmented Reality

The fact that a North-East company will be building big-brand consumer facing products which incorporate augmented reality and VR will have monumental repercussions for the local Technology sector.

As a driving force behind the North’s growing digital economy, Orange Bus have come a long way since our humble foundations. Never standing still, the company has become a recognized hub of technological innovation, helping our clients to push ahead of the pack, rather than simply giving them the tools to keep up with the pace of change.

If you would like Orange Bus to guide your digital strategy in 2017, contact us on 0191 241 3703, or email hello@orangebus.co.uk