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Agile Delivery for Digital Government

Orange Bus’ strive to make the internet a more accessible place for all users and our work with Central Government has delivered some truly groundbreaking outcomes in terms of citizen interaction. We’re committed to applying the latest digital thinking to one of the UK’s most traditional organisations and building clear functionality into the fibres of public services.

Orange Bus were one of the first agencies enlisted to help HMRC reinvent their services and culture, with the aim of bringing agile best practice and user-centric design principles into a big organisation which strives for digital inclusion.

Orange Bus developers have been working on transformative government projects for HMRC. The team is actively running code classes and developer forums to promote cross-team collaboration and agile working.

Mark Lynn, HMRC Operations Manager

Our staff quickly aligned their talents with internal practices honing in on how we could help to interpret user needs, aims and capabilities, interoperability, transparency, accountability, security and accessibility.

Furthermore, we actively contribute to best practices in the globally renowned GDS Service Standard when we see scope for improvement, and notably, some of our team are now acting as actual Service Assessors for key Government Services.

Having worked on architecturally and functionally complex HMRC projects like Tax Credits and the Electronic Reference System, Orange Bus have played a key role in a Governmental digital channel shift which has helped to benchmark best practice globally.

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