Motor racing fans now demand live content and insight into the technically secretive sport.

Orange Bus developed an app to improve this audience interaction, enabling fans to track races live and learn more about the team.

Placing industry insights in the hands of the users.

In order to rapidly transfer live telemetry data from AMR’s on-track system to the mobile app, we explored what made AMR fans tick and researched how they behave across all platforms; before creating a digital model of each racing circuit.

Aston Martin Racing App
Access all areas globally accessible app.

For the first time, Orange Bus had made data on car performance available to fans across the world. Downloaded across continents, the app allowed users to track the four Aston Martin V8 Vantage GTEs.

With content updates managed by Aston Martin Racing, fans are also able to view driver profiles, team news and race calendars.

Our app has enabled AMR and their fans to become a closer community, and has increased audience engagement and interaction with both the team and individual drivers.

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