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Sahara Force India F1

Sahara Force India F1

Bringing Digital Engagement to F1

Sahara Force India (SFI), have received massive amounts of media attention in recent seasons, mounting a serious challenge to the teams at the very top of Formula 1. As SFI’s lead digital partner we continue to help them to create a complete digital platform which will promote their brand and fully engage a new generation of fans.

Sahara Force India F1 site shown on a mobile phone

Digital has become one of the main channels for us to reach multiple audiences – not just fans, but also sponsors, partners and suppliers. We had a long search for a digital partner who could provide us with a state-of-the-art presence and Orange Bus stepped-in, impressing us with their vision and enthusiasm. They made the effort to understand our needs and tailor the technology to our requirements, bringing our digital offering into the 21st century - we can’t wait to continue the journey with them.

Steve Curnow, Commercial Director at Sahara Force India

Sports fans want up-to-date news as and when it happens. With this in mind, we recognised that our client would be best-served by a tailored Drupal 8 implementation, allowing SFI to really communicate with their audience and create an active digital presence throughout the F1 season.

In order to support longer term success, we make sure that the team’s site had the novel hooks, practical tools and functional ingredients to maintain return traffic. Race countdown timers, a dynamic race schedule, creative merchandising, and improved News listings have all been implemented to provide users with a new level of brand-connection.

Sahara Force India F1 car in the garage

Working with Orange Bus has been a true pleasure and has taken our team’s digital offering to a different level. The response from the fans has been great - in less than a year, we’ve seen our website engagement figures jump up more than 65%

Will Hings, Head of Communications

As a trusted partner to one of the world’s most progressive F1 teams, we continue to develop new solutions and look forward to helping a creative brand lay down the benchmarks for digital engagement in a sport which still relies heavily on traditional media.

Sahara Force India F1 site shown on a tablet device

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