Putting customers at the heart of decison-making

Read how Orange Bus is helping FSCS improve customer experience, through customer-first thinking and empathetic service design.

Reducing stress and improving service levels

FSCS helps around 1 million UK citizens every year. Its customers are often vulnerable and in a state of extreme stress from initial contact, through to completing their claim.

FSCS believes its current service is too complex, with difficult terminology and a lack of empathetic contact. This leads to fewer completed claims, and drop-off at critical points in the customer journey. The human impact of this is significant, and FSCS wants to get better at supporting its customers’ emotional needs.


Understanding and responding to customer needs

Step one involved multiple research methods to gain a clear picture of FSCS’s current customer experience, what we call the 'as is’ service: Activities included user research (shadowing, interviews); co-design (workshops, roadshows, role play); process and customer journey mapping (particularly customers’ drop-off points), and value analysis (analysing volumetric data from call centre stats).

Step two focused on three key ‘moments that matter’ in the customer journey. These were repeatedly referenced by the customers and employees we spoke to, and emerged as focal points for improving experience and reducing customer drop-off.

Step three focused on designing an actionable ‘to be’ service blueprint, with these three moments at the core of our thinking. This involved shaping the workstreams, projects and roadmap that would enable FSCS to actually realise the ‘to be’ blueprint. Within these, we identified different contact strategies to slow down the process and ensure that FSCS could provide the right level of empathy at these key points.

Did it work?

Yes! We helped to improve FSCS’s understanding of the emotional impact that financial loss can have on their customers.

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We helped FSCS to to progress their cultural shift from business-centred thinking to customer-centred thinking. They now understand the aspects of their current service that do not deliver empathetic experiences and cause drop-off.

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FSCS is now able to support people throughout the claims process and provide a better and consistent customer experience. They also have a clear blueprint for transformation, and the next step is to undertake an organisation-wide transformation project.

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This will establish practices that put customers at the centre of FSCS’s operating model, and ensure that every discipline is aligned in realising their strategy to be a truly customer-focused organisation, and one that embraces human- centred service design.

"Putting the customer first and thinking about our users helps me to explain ‘digital-first’ and ‘customer-first’ - both things that should be driving us forward as a business. So you’ve actually accelerated behaviours and approaches across the business at all levels. You’ve moved some people from a very traditional outlook, onto a journey towards being much more modern."
Lila Pleban

Head of Digital and Marketing, FSCS

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