Way out front with Formula One fans across the globe

As digital partner to Racing Point, we’re re-defining the interactive space between fans, the team and the technology to create a better experience for everyone.

Reaching a world-wide audience.

Racing Point is a team of true racers, driven by passion and a desire to succeed on the world’s most competitive stage.

Already bucking the trend with its approachable relationship with its fans - we launched a huge research project to help take the team’s digital presence to the next level.

A pursuit of excellence - creating experiences fans love

The global brands behind many of the Formula One teams have an untouchable corporate facade that hasn’t yet capitalised on the potential of fan engagement and relies heavily on traditional media. There was a noticeable lack of understanding and data...

Until now.

Working with Racing Point we set about discovering and defining who the fans are, what makes them tick, what triggers their loyalty, what do they need or want from their content across different channels.

Surveys, interviews with fans across the worlds, analytics, content audits, in-depth qualitative and quantitative research uncovered a real appetite for driver-led content, virtual reality, behind the scenes footage, physical interaction at events, live streams and much more.

It’s nothing short of a user revolution for Formula One fan engagement. Racing Point is already up there with the top three teams on Twitter.

Watch this space as we roll it out..
Working with Orange Bus has been a true pleasure and has taken our team’s digital offering to a different level. The response from the fans has been great - in less than a year, we’ve seen our website engagement figures jump up more than 65%.
Will Hings

Head of Communications, Racing Point

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