Orange Bus is leading the Railway Pensions Scheme’s digital transformation.

Making an impact in a traditional sector.

The Railways Pension Scheme (RPS) is one of the UK’s largest pension arrangements, representing nearly 340k active and retired members.

Administered by RPMI, the organisation embarked on a major project to enhance digital experience for RPS consumers - recognising that the existing RPS site was under performing and used by a fraction of members.

Discovery of a consumer insight strategy.

We conducted a workshop which established a deeper understanding of the business, leading to stakeholder consultation, user interviews, user data analysis, user persona creation and customer journey mapping.

Findings were translated into a new information architecture, centred on user needs and improved functionality. Our team also considered areas for content marketing and a prominent space for client-generated insights was accommodated on the new site.

Launching award winning projects.

Orange Bus’ consumer data and intelligence informed the build of a new site that exceeded objectives set around user engagement. Orange Bus and RPMI celebrated winning the Consumer Insight Award for the RPS’ new user-centric site at The Drum Network awards.

In comparison to the old site, RPMI identified:
Increase of registrations
Increase in completed tasks
Of users actively logging in to use account
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