Optimising experience by focusing on real user needs

Defining customer needs

Teachers’ Pensions administer the pensions of over 2.1 million teachers, working with over 11,000 employers such as Local Authorities, Academies and FE establishments.

They wanted to understand the core needs, experiences and expectations of their diverse membership, which ranges from newly qualified teachers to retired teachers. User insights then needed to be presented in a manageable form that could be shared across the entire organisation, to enable informed change.


Creating a valid data set

We conducted both quantitative and qualitative research throughout the project to serve as a means of triangulation and help confirm validity. We began with getting a general overview of the current personas from subject matter experts within Teachers’ Pensions and explored different avenues we could take to access TP members.

Our activities included:

  • Proto-persona creation with Teachers’ Pensions stakeholders
  • 40 experience interviews with Teachers’ Pensions members
  • A series of focus groups with Teachers’ Pensions members
  • Validation survey with Teachers’ Pensions Members
  • Persona development and refinement
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    Did it work?

    Yes! The personas we created are accurate, validated by over 21,000 survey responses, and were presented through interactive outputs to maximise engagement.

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    The personas are set to be rolled out in 2020 and we have created a plan to ensure that old personas are not just disregarded, but instead are slowly transitioned across all levels of the scheme.

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    Teachers’ Pensions now has a rich data set that gives an accurate understanding of the needs of their diverse membership. This will aid decision-making in all areas of service delivery and strategic planning.

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    We plan to hold further persona ‘show and tell’ sessions across Teachers’ Pensions teams within their contact centre, to further increase understanding and engagement.

    "Orange Bus is an innovative and insightful consultancy providing us with support in our ambition to give an optimised journey and experience to our customers. They have a wealth of expertise in user experience and are very professional and friendly!"
    Kerry Tate-King

    Head of Engagement and Marketing at Capita

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