Improving product performance through user-centred design

Read how we’re driving innovation and value creation by transforming an “end of life” boxed product to a new, user-led cloud-based platform.

Moving from box to cloud

Capita Workforce Management is the market-leading provider of workforce management and time and attendance solutions, providing software and hardware to streamline processes and increase productivity.

Faced with the prospect of “end-of-life product planning”, CWM knew the importance of moving their software from box to cloud. This transformation would enable potential cost-savings and provide greater potential for product improvement and integration; but the entire transformation project had to be completed within twelve months on a limited budget. The challenge was on!


Creating new commercial opportunities

Our most significant impact was to help the organisation adopt a user-led design approach that breathed new commercial life into their product strategy. Due to the budgets and time restraints involved, we embedded one of our most experienced consultants in-house with the client, who collaborated closely with their own team to:

  • Conduct focus groups to discover and map user needs
  • Create and validate a detailed product roadmap, from box to cloud
  • Create and test new product wireframes with real users to inform MVP
  • Conduct usability testing on a new MVP, set for launch by end 2019
  • Spot new commercial opportunities for product improvement and integration
  • Retain International now has a complete understanding of user-led design principles, which we will now use together to roll out new integrations and product improvements.

    Did it work?

    Yes! In reality, this project was part of the client’s “end of product life planning” but, instead, our user-led approach has enabled their team to spot and capitalise on new commercial opportunities.

    WFM imagery

    Specifically, by discovering and mapping user needs, the team has been able to spot a similar set of needs within a market served by another company in the group: police workforces, which could yield significant opportunities for commercial growth.

    WFM imagery

    Orange Bus is now working with Capita Workforce Management to discover and map user needs in this new sector, and explore other opportunities for product integration elsewhere across the group and in international markets.

    WFM imagery

    The user-led design principles used in this project have essentially created a process blueprint that the client is using to explore value creation in other areas of the business.

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